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Working at Moxba is working for a responsible, trustworthy, and environmentally friendly recycler

Moxba BV
Your catalyst in recycling

Moxba specializes in recycling spent catalyst and waste streams that contain metals into products


Moxba BV is a global specialist in recycling spent catalyst and residues that contain metals. A responsible, trustworthy, and environmentally friendly recycler. The company has established a complete, full-loop recycling chain that has a proven track record of turning waste into first-class products.

The Total-Solution services tha Moxba provides include sampling, analyzing, recovering, and recycling. Moxba offers waste management, logistics, legal documentation/license settlements and general consultation. Flexibility and reliability are key to their success, both for one-off and for long-term solutions. Besides recycling your catalyst, Moxba also takes care of all related procedures.

  • Oven
  • Granulation
  • Thailand


  • Oven Finance
    Moxba BV Assistent Controller

    Als assistent controller ben je verantwoordelijk voor de financiƫle administratie van Moxba B.V. en voor het controleren en analyseren van de financiƫle administratie van Moxba-Metrex Brazil (Sao Paulo).

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    Contactpersoon: Bertram
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