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PCV Group
Forefront of innovation through endless curiosity

PCV Group creates value as an innovative partner for market leaders of today and tomorrow. PCV stands for "People Creating Value". That is who they are and what they do.


PCV Group was founded in 2011 as the result of a merger between two Dutch companies. The combined strengths and complementary skills have created an efficient and highly productive organisation with maximum synergy. This enables the company to deliver high quality solutions across a range of technologies and applications in end-to-end product development.

The company mission is making things possible. The approach is transparent, independent and pragmatic. Working for very different companies in different sectors allows PCV Group to adapt knowledge from one sector and apply it in another. This speeds up the innovation process providing your company with an out-of-the-box approach and the best possible results.

The transparent approach is based on independent thinking and working together. In other words: People Creating Value. Engineers and project managers realise, create and improve high volume, low cost products and key components.

Driven by endless curiosity the people at PCV Group are the trusted innovative partner of leading companies in medical, professional and consumer markets for professional and domestic appliances and devices. PCV Group are experienced developers of mechatronic systems applications and engineering specialists in dispensing and dosing system solutions in consumer, industry and medical markets.

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